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I'm Kellie, the sole owner/designer behind Pickle Toes

Patterns.  Why Pickle Toes?  Well, I am a mom of 2

awesome boys that happen to have smelly pickle toes.  At

least that's what I used to tell them when they were little.

That's how the name came about, but how did the business

come to be?


Well, I started out just a clothing designer making custom

children's clothing because I couldn't find cute clothing for my

boys.  Boys' clothes eventually grew into girls' clothing, which

grew into making original designs.  To make original designs,

I had to make original patterns.  Although I had been making

my own patterns for years, it wasn't until 2013 that I decided

to try my hand at making my own line of patterns.  The only

problem was I didn't know how to computer draft them.  I

paid someone to draft my first bear pattern, then an illness

put my pattern making on hold for 2 years.  In the fall of

2015, I picked back up with more bear patterns until I was

sure I had computer drafting down, then I started doing the

patterns for the clothing I loved so much.  I hope you will

enjoy each of my patterns as much as I've enjoyed creating

each and every one of them.  I absolutely love seeing what

you've created, so please join my group and share those pics

on Facebook.  


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